You will be happy to know that we are networking at different levels in various areas.

The team with CACL President & Zuly

The team with CACL President & Zuly

1. P. E. T. S (Progressive Educational Teachers Society) – deals with training of teachers in regular schools. The Director is a Resource person.

2. I.C.C. – Mentaid participates every year in their project competition open to all schools and won a merit award this year.

3. Manovikas Kendra Human Ethical Committee Biomedical Research & Diagnostic Centre. The Gen. Secretary is a member as Social Worker.

4. Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy B.Ed. Special Education – The Director is on External Faculty.

5. Manipal University Early Childhood Special Education – The Dy. Director was external examiner.

6. Stichting Liliane Fonds – Works regionally with organizations in the disability sector. The Chairperson is a Regional Mediator.

7. Disability Activists Forum – Organisations from different disabilities working together for enforcement of Rights in W. B. The Dy. Director is Treasurer of DAF.

8. Parivaar -W.B. – Registered Parents Organisations are working together to reach common goals – for example, to bring awareness and form self help groups. The Chairperson is Gen. Secretary.

In this capacity the General Secretary, Parivaar-W.B. attends the LLC (Local Level Committee) meetings, called by The Commissioner, Disabilities, in the Office of The Commissioner, once every quarter.

9. Parivaar-NFPA (National Federation of Parents Associations) – 176 Registered Parents Organisations around the country are a voice to reckon with. The Chairperson is Zonal Secretary (East).

10. Inclusion International – International Body of Parents Organisations. Recognition of pioneering Self Advocacy work for those with special needs at Mentaid. A Self Advocate, Debobani Nag, was invited to make a presentation at the Global Forum of self advocates, held at Ottawa, Canada in November 2008